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Since our country has become a highly developed society, the industrious would have needed more excellent technical specialists to meet the sudden changes. In order to meet the demands of society, our department educates students as professional teachers who are available in any public and private school settings. The following items are the principles of our department.
  1. To cultivate professional teachers and administrative specialist in order to promote the quality of vocational education.
  2. To educate students as outstanding trainers in industry and business settings.
  3. Classes are opened for general employees for extension education.
  4. To develop a round system for the educational cultivation of corporate trainers.
  5. To accelerate our pace in the international movements.
Prospective Plans  


  1. To establish strategic alignment with the department of technological & vocational education of other universities.
  2. To expand the international cooperation in teaching and research with universities abroad.
  3. To expand continuing education paths for teachers, students, and administers. 
  4. To establish complete technological and vocational educational in order to cultivate training for talented person.
  5. To strengthen international participation that technological and vocational education enterprise field training with talented person. 


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